Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The government does not tax relief this year – the Observer

The Government is not counting on any revenue originating from the tax relief for the deficit this year, not having it so recorded any revenue that could come from that scheme this year in the value of the deficit of 2.4% predicted and included in the report of the State Budget for 2017.

If you give revenue, the deficit will look better. At least this is what says the secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Fernando Rocha Andrade, who in a parliamentary hearing has assured the deputies that revenue with the program PERES, which lets taxpayers pay their tax debts in arrears with the forgiveness of fines and other fines relating to delay in payment, is not in the accounts this year.

This only means that the expected value for the revenue has not yet entered in the accounts. In the end, any revenue that this program, der will always be to reduce the value of the deficit of the State, even taking into account that to adhere to the plans taxes taxpayers have to pay 8% of the debt to the head, or the equivalent of one year.

Who will define the number of payments is the actual taxpayer, when you fill in the data on the Portal of Finance. At the end of the period in which this program is open until 20 December – the Government will already have all the data to understand how much you will earn under this program, since all the data is included and processed through the Portal of Finance.

in fact, the amount you will be charged this year (and not only), established the Observer, of the revenue from this program is expected to be less revenue that the State will be able to with the enforced collection of tax debts, since we are talking about the same cake of debts to be recovered.

Already in the next year, the conversation is different: the Government already has the recipe for the accounts that he gave in Brussels that make the deficit lower to 1.6%. Even more, the Government account that the revenues that come from this program serve to reduce the deficit, and until the structural deficit. The understanding has been transmitted, so even in the reporting of effective action that Portugal sent on Monday to Brussels. The Portuguese Government believes that this is a recipe structural because it is revenue that the Government would have to charge and because it introduced a scheme of allowances that can go up to 11 years.


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