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STE: Government claims that there are “computer problems” in the elimination of the straight-line – Magazine Saturday

STE: Government claims that there are “computer problems” in the elimination of twelfths

The Government says to STE that there are technical problems in the disposal of the twelfths at the beginning of the year. Helena Rodrigues considers that the justification is “a false issue”.

12:09 • Business

By Catarina Almeida Pereira – Journal of Business

The Government claims that there are computer problems in the disposal of the twelfths in January. The justification was presented at the first meeting of the Government with the Union of the Quadros Técnicos do Estado (STE), which considers that this is a “false issue”.
“it has Been said by the Government that will be difficult in January to stop payment of a Christmas bonus in twelfths” because “it will be complicated to make the change of computer systems in a public administration that is vast,” he said to the journalists the president of STE, Helena Rodrigues, at the end of a meeting with the secretary of State for Public Administration, Carolina Screwed.
In question is the form of payment of the allowance of Christmas, which from 2013 is paid in small installments over the twelve months of the year (the so-called straight-line), as a way to mitigate the effects of the “huge” tax increase then done.
The Observer reported this Tuesday that the Government wants to end the payment of subsidies in twelfths over the next year, which would be consistent with the position of the prime minister. The response given to the STE does not point in this direction, although the negotiations are not closed, and the position of the Government evolve.
This was the only justification presented to the Union of the Technical staff of the State. “It’s a false question, as everyone already realized. We took advantage of the question to say to the Government that the withdrawal of the twelfth laid bare an essential question: is that more and more people struggle to put bread on the table,” said Helena Rodrigues.
THE STE also ensures that there is openness of the Government to discuss wage increases, although it has not revealed any specific commitment. The Front of the trade Union that the STE leads prompts increases of 2% in wages and the reduction of the discounts for the. of 3.5% to 2.25%. The prime minister said there is about a week, in an interview to the Public, that wages will not increase.
These claims will continue to be negotiated with the secretary of State of Public Administration in the next week, after the presentation of the proposal of the State Budget for 2017.

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