Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Amazon enters from time to time in the market of streaming music – Digital Look

The Amazon came from the time in the market of streaming music to compete with Spotify and the Apple Music. But, unlike the opponents, the company is offering two paid plans with monthly fees under$ 10.

there Are three options: the first costs$ 10 and gives you access, free of advertising, with a catalog of 30 million songs that can be bestowed on any device. Then comes a plan of$ 8, which only serves to who is a client of Amazon Prime; it already existed before within a unique product called Prime Music.

And after that there is still an option for only$ 4. In this case, the songs can be played only by means of the Echo, the sound box to the house that connects the user to the Alexa, the artificial intelligence of the company. The user can ask the virtual assistant that play music according to your mood, or that she is able to find a sound that the person does not know by name.

The Recode account that the Amazon convinced the record labels to release the plan cheaper by believing that he will lead consumers to purchase more expensive products, which equilibraria the accounts.

But the thing is different in the case of the$ 8, because here the Amazon has decided to apply a subsidy. For the record, it matters little if the client chooses to pay$ 8 or$ 10, because the value received by the song playing will be the same. The idea of the Amazon is just to bet on a claim that the music industry have been doing for years: a high volume of sales, even at a low price, is able to generate profit in the long term.

For now, the service works only in the United States, but Amazon plans to launch it in other countries soon. There will also be a family plan, which will cost$ 15 and will allow the simultaneous access of six people.


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