Sunday, January 29, 2017

Believe it or not, this sculpture is the next A-Class-Sedan – AutoPortal

it Is a sculpture, but the "Aesthetic" Mercedes-Benz is much more than that: anticipates the language of style that will inspire the next generation of A-Class and B-Class, planned for 2018.

Will be eight models in the next three years will arise whose style will be inspired by this sculpture "Aesthetics". It will be the case of the new A-Class and B-Class, but also of the CLA, the CLA Shooting Brake, GLA, in addition to a Class of four doors (more conventional than the CLA) and an SUV of the B-Class, the GLB.

The goal, according to Mercedes-Benz, passes through the maximum simplification of the surfaces, with the elimination of many of the creases that have been used to give more strength to the visual side of the coachwork.

"The shape and the volume are what are left when the creases and lines are reduced to a minimum. We had the courage to apply this purism. And in combination with a drawing surface of the most sensual, the next generation of the class compact has the potential to establish a new era in car design", said Gorden Wagener, responsible for design at Mercedes.

This language stylistic, defined as "pure sexy", passes by a new grille with vertical bars, remember the one used in the AMG GT-R, with the creases and lines limited to the bonnet. The side, in its turn, is characterized by a single line that runs across the whole car.

"Aesthetics" is part of a series of sculptures that anticipate the future stylistic models of Mercedes-Benz and started in 2010 with the Aesthetics No. 1. In 2011, he was shown the Aesthetics No. 2 and the Aesthetics 125, and in 2012 the Aesthetics S, which anticipated the current Class S.



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