Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Has this chair? You can hurt yourself, return it to IKEA News Journal

we reserve THE right to request the return of a wheelchair sold in its stores, after having received complaints of clients who were injured due to the incorrect functioning of the article.

The beach chair MYSINGSÖ can “fall or pinching of the fingers”, by the Swedish company appeals to customers that have bought for the return in one of their commercial stations.

The group guarantees the full refund and does not require the presentation of proof of purchase, explains a statement published on the website of the giant Swedish.

“once removed the fabric to wash it is possible that the seat is mounted incorrectly, there is the risk of a fall or injury in the fingers” reads the note, which was issued also in Portugal, where the model in question is sold.

The alert world comes after arriving at IKEA five reports from customers (Finland, Germany, USA, Denmark and Australia) that were left with injuries in the fingers following the use of the chair. In all cases, there was recourse to medical treatment.

according To the IKEA Group, which has over 300 shops in 27 countries, an investigation of the case led to the improvement of the design of the article, so as to “mitigate the risk of incorrect mounting, and injury.” The improved version should be ready to be marketed starting from next month, assures the company.


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