Sunday, January 29, 2017

Commands. The army wants access to the history clinical of recruits – the Observer

The Army wants to spend to have access to the clinical processes of the military who will enroll in future courses Commands. The Technical Inspection Extraordinary instituted in the wake of the death of the recruits of the 127 course experienced failures in the access to clinical data of the place to receive instruction.

The inspection, refers to the Army in a press release, led to the conclusion that that branch "does not have a repository of clinical information, a single, centralized, and across available to units of existing Health". In addition, the Clinical Information System (SIC-E) "does not allow you to have access to the Platform of Health Data from the National Health Service, and therefore it is not possible to know the medical history of the citizen, prior to his entry in the ranks".

The Army will thus propose to the General staff of the Armed Forces the implementation of some measures. In particular:

  • to Ensure access to information contained in the Evidence Classification and Selection of candidates through the System of Support for evidence Classification, and Selection (SIAPCS);
  • Make the extension of the Information System of the Clinical Hospital of the Armed Forces (HFAR) of the Rules of procedure of Command and to the Health Center of Coimbra, ensuring access to clinical information of the military;
  • to Ensure training in the use of the above-mentioned systems, the military Health Service of the units referred to above;
  • Determine the presentation by the applicants of a clinical report issued by your family doctor or by a unit of primary care and the NHS, to access the medical history of the applicants available on the National Health Service.

In the long-term, the Army will also propose the "integration of the health units of the Army in the Information System of the Clinical Hospital of the Armed Forces", the "access to health data of candidates to the ticket by way of access to the Platform of Health Data" and "condition of sharing of clinical information military with entities outside the Army and to the Armed Forces, on the basis of reciprocity".

The measures come as a response from the one branch to the deaths of Hugo Abreu and Dylan Araújo da Silva, in September of last year. The two military officers were recruits of the 127 course of Prompt, and died of a heat stroke.

Also this week, the weekly Espresso and the Daily News have moved the information that was proposed by the heads of the Army, the sanctions, the three officers course (among which the director himself of course) related to the two deaths. Sergeant roberts and lieutenant-colonel Maia (director) will have been convicted (with a penalty still subject to appeal) to 10 days of "prohibition of output". The captain-doctor Domingues, who had followed the course, was the target of a proposed "inactivity", being suspended and forced to remain in the barracks.

aware of this process, it runs a process in the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) in which they were made defendants nine military.


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