Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Vila Galé will open five new hotels in Portugal in 2018 – the Express

For the Vila Gale, which closed in 2016 in Portugal, with a revenue growth of 15%, for a total of 93 million euros, the year ended was “very friendly”, according to Jorge Rebelo de Almeida, president of the hotel group.

“of Course that is still lacking growth, investment, and a strategic plan in this sense, but the country eased and the Government has had an amazing action, especially if the program is able to Revive (for concessions, tourist in public buildings to the abandonment of historic value), which is very commendable to put the private to recover the heritage sites of historical and more than that, to create a business,” says Jorge Rebelo de Almeida, emphasizing the contribution that we all have to appreciate the interior of the country”.

take Advantage of the good wave of tourism to ‘pull’ the inside

The Vila Gale was the first tour group to ‘get ahead’ winning the first tender released under the program to Revive (it was the only competitor), which will advance with a hotel in the former Convent of São Paulo, in Elvas. “Taking into account that Elvas is a city-bastion, the theme of this hotel will be the military fortifications of the Portuguese throughout the world, many of us don’t even know,” says the president of the Vila Galé. “I don’t know if this hotel will be able to ‘close the account’ in terms of profitability, because Elvas is still not a destination”, but it represents a contribution of the group in the sense of ‘pull’ by the interior.

“This wave is all that we live for two years with a balance of tourism very positive is to be used, from either the public or the private ones, especially to disseminate this our interior,” argues the president of the Vila Galé.

The monastery of St. Paul in Elvas is one of the five hotels, the Vila Galé group has in the pipeline to open in 2018 – which also includes new units in Porto (Ribeira district), Braga (Serra da Estrela (next to the Glacier Valley in Manteigas) and also Sintra.

In the northeast of Brazil, the Portuguese group also prepares for the 2018 opening of a new resort in the Bulls, in addition to being to move forward with the expansion of its resort in Cumbuco. The investment in the new hotels scheduled for 2018 will amount to €80 million.

“Many of the new hotels in Lisbon are not going to be profitable.”

In the case of the new Vila Gale hotel in Sintra, the work has already been started (in a plot of land between the Floodplain of Sintra and Nafarros), which foresees a total investment of 25 million euros. “Is the project of the group that walked longer ‘curled’, also comes from the time in which Edite Estrela was president of the chamber in Sintra, and will finally move forward”, notes Rebelo de Almeida, advancing the hotel in Sintra will have a strong component in the “eating healthy and low-calorie” on their two restaurants, which will extend to the component of Spa and massages, that will have a specialization in treatments ‘anti-stress and anti-aging, still counting with doctors, dentists and dermatologists. “Are things that can perfectly do in a hotel and in an atmosphere of good mood, without that negative image associated with the world hospital”, emphasises the president of the group.

to Develop the interior of the country is one of the flags of Jorge Rebelo de Almeida, who in this field argues that if they were to create tour itineraries that are associated with historic trains, traveling the various regions of the country.

with Respect to new hotels, and especially in the case of Lisbon, the president of the Vila Galé considers that “everything is getting the prices so high, even for local accommodation, which by my accounts are not profitable investments,” he concludes. “In many of these hotels, the account will not close, with these prices so inflated, and someone will have to pick up these assets in the next cycle”.


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