Saturday, January 28, 2017

Residential tourism between Albufeira and Loulé attracted buyers from 18 countries – the guardian

The main market of residential tourism in Portugal, the axis Albufeira-Loulé, has attracted buyers from 18 countries between the beginning of 2015, and the 1.Th the first half of 2016, according to the preliminary results of the new data system SIR-Residential Tourism.

The statistical system developed by the Confidential real-Estate, in partnership with the Portuguese Association of Resorts, with the support of Turismo de Portugal, showed that in the area of the municipalities of Albufeira and Loulé — that concentrates 39% of the total reported — the main buyers were british and irish.

The citizens of the United Kingdom were responsible for 64% of the acquisitions between the foreign, on an average volume of 1.78 million euros for the acquisition.

The chinese market is the second most active among the foreigners, with 10% of sales, an average investment of 778,9 thousand euros for the operation, is still in prominent european countries such as France, which have a combined market share of 13% in sales and an average investment of 1.40 million euros.

in This area of the Algarve, the average value of the supply of dwellings of residential tourism is the highest among the areas surveyed, and was 4870 euro/m2. The apartments are average prices of supply in the 3250 € /m2.

In the Western Algarve and the Alentejo Coast, with weights of 25% and 18%, respectively, the most interested in buying were the europeans, especially the buyers of the French, with 23% of the total.

The average value per acquisition by foreigners stood at 318 billion euros, of which the French held shopping around 342 thousand euros. On the Alentejo Coast, the average prices of the offer for the villas of residential tourism are of 2.480 € /m2 and the apartments of 3.780 € /m2. In the case of the Western Algarve, these values are, respectively, 3.880 euros/m2 and 2,500 euros/m2.

Already in the Eastern Algarve, which is home to 8.2% of the offer of residential tourism, the average prices of the offer are among the lowest in the market (2.140 euros/m2 in the apartments and 3.120 € /m2 housing).

The Great Lisbon, with a weight of 14.2% between the supply of, analyzed, presented average values of offering the highest of the market between the apartments (3.870 € /m2), while in the villas, the value was around 3.110 € /m2.


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