Monday, January 23, 2017

Uber will pay $ 18.8 million to the drivers due to misleading information – the Express

Uber has agreed to pay us $ 20 million (18.8 million euros), the drivers with which it collaborates in the United States, in the wake of allegations of having served misleading information to the recruit, presented to them a prospect of income is much higher than the actual.

In the information disclosed in your site, as well as in ads, Uber has indicated that the drivers could earn more than $ 90,000 (84.500 euros) in New York city. and 74.000 dollars (65.500 euros) in san Francisco, but the real income verified were of 61,000 dollars (57.300 euros) and the 53,000 dollars (49.800€), respectively, declared the Federal Trade Commission in the u.s. (CFC).

"This agreement will put millions back into the pockets of motorists of Uber," said Jessica Rich director of the north-american institution for the defence of the consumer.

The business model of Uber is based on the use of the services of drivers who use their own vehicles to make the transport of people, contracted through its application for smartphones.

it was Not clear how the money will be distributed by the drivers has been injured, having the CFC indicated that Uber will have to collaborate with them in order to find the way by which the compensation will be assigned.

The Uber indicated it has more than 600 thousand drivers in the United States.

Despite having agreed to the payment of compensation, the Uber did not admit guilt in relation to the prosecution having presented misleading information to the recruitment.

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the FCT," said a spokesperson from Uber. "We have made significant improvements in the experience of drivers over the last year and we will continue to focus on ensuring that the Uber is the best option for any person that is looking to earn money, doing your own time", he added.

motorists have to pay for her account both the acquisition of the cars as its maintenance and fuel.

THE CFC also criticised the company for agreements that are to do with your drivers for the acquisition of cars in leasing, it is estimated that they are paying more than they had indicated initially.


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