Sunday, January 29, 2017

The british dominate the market in residential tourism in Portugal – business Newspaper (press release)

the Axis constituted by the municipalities of Albufeira and Loulé is the largest market with concentration of the supply of residential tourism. The data presented Thursday by the Confidential real Estate indicate high dispersion of the origin of the buyers.

The main market of residential tourism in Portugal has attracted buyers from almost two dozen countries between the beginning of 2015 and the first half of 2016, according to the preliminary results of the SIR-Residential Tourism announced this Thursday during the National Conference of Residential Tourism and Golf.

According to data from the report of the SIR, the buyers of dwellings for tourist on the axis Albufeira-Loulé are of 18 nationalities, this being the axis of the market with the greatest concentration of the tourism offer residential, about 39%.

Uk buyers, in particular the irish and british continue to dominate the market, with 64% of purchases to foreigners, and an average amount of investment of 1.78 million euros per acquisition. The following are buyers of chinese origin, with 10% of sales and an average investment of 778,9 billion euros. In the northern countries of Europe, France stands out with an average investment of 1.40 million euros and 13% in sales.

"in A sector with unique characteristics, be oriented to the touristic use and designed for the attraction of international investment, it was crucial to an analysis of the statistics themselves, and several of that research for the housing market the traditional. It is a decisive way of promoting the trust of investors", explained the director of the Confidential real Estate, Ricardo Guimarães.

THE SIR-Tourism is a system of statistical data on the activity of purchase and sale of real estate for residential tourism, the development by the Confidential real Estate in partnership with the APR-Portuguese Association. The SIR has the support of Turismo de Portugal.


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