Monday, January 30, 2017

Government launches this Monday 60 measures for the Industry 4.0 – the Observer

The minister of Economy, today announces a set of 60 measures of the initiative "Industry 4.0 – the Digital Economy", which will involve 50 thousand companies and provides more than two billion euros of investment in the coming years. "We present 60 measures that were worked with a group of companies and entrepreneurs that have joined us, with COTEC and with Deloitte," he explained to Lusa, the minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral.

According to the ruling, these measures include training and capacity building of human resources, technology cooperation, adaptation, legal and regulatory, "measures of broad spectrum that what they want is to make that there is an acceleration of the processes of digitization of the industry." The goal is that "Portugal comes to Industry 4.0, this revolution that is already happening, that come in the forefront and not that it arrive as it came in other industrial revolutions, delayed, and you miss this train," said Manuel Caldeira Cabral.

"These measures will include, for example, in the area of training, 20 thousand people offers training of digital skills, will to mobilize the structural funds dedicated to Industry 4.0 in 400 million [euros], they will involve 50 thousand companies on the measures included in the national strategy of digitisation of the economy," said the ruler.

"In total, obviously a big part of this investment will be made by the companies, by industry, by the collaboration of companies of industrial sectors and 'startups' [startup companies] digital, what is expected is that in coming years there will be over 2,000 million [euro] investment in Portugal in innovation directed to the scanning area of the industry, scanning of the activities," he added.

The presentation of the 60 measures of "Industry 4.0 – the Digital Economy" will take place in Leiria and it will count with the presence of the prime minister, António Costa, minister of the Economy, and of the secretary of State for Industry, John Vasconcelos. The event will be signed the protocol of cooperation between the Government and the COTEC Portugal.


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