Monday, January 23, 2017

Wall Street falls with Trump to penalize the industrial sector – the Magazine Saturday

Wall Street falls with Trump to penalize the industrial sector

The scholarships of the north-american closed down in terrain negative, especially penalised by the industrial sector after the president of the USA, Donald Trump, speaking at a substantial border tax. Also the energy has helped the movement of fall of the other side of the Atlantic.

21:58 • Business

By Carla Pedro – Journal of Business

The index industrial Dow Jones closed the retreat with 0.14% for 19.799,85 points, taking the listed companies of this sector been more pressure on the US exchanges. This after Donald Trump have alluded to a substantial border tax.

The border tax is the additional taxation that Trump intends to impose to the companies that produce the goods in other countries and later to import to the US.

For its part, the technological Nasdaq Composite yielded approximately 0.04% to settle in 5.552,94 points.

Already the Standard & Poor’s 500 was down by 0.27 percent to 2.265,20 points. In the first nine months of last week’s lost to 0.20%, having been the second consecutive week of negative balance.

in Addition to the industrial sector, penalized by the tax referred to by Trump, also the energy sector has been to penalize the negotiation of a fellow, in a day of falling oil prices.

The poor performance in the energy castigated c ompanies such as Halliburton, which afunou by 4.5% in what was its biggest decline since September 9; and this in spite of having reported quarterly profit that was above expectations of analysts.

The index of securities of companies linked to services and medical equipment fell by 2.8% after Trump had signed an executive decree to revoke the Obamacare (health care reform undertaken by the Administration of Barack Obama).

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