Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Increased the number of households over-indebted for help to the Deco – Express

Almost 30 thousand families over-indebted have asked in the past year help the Office of Support to Over-indebted (GAS) of the association Deco, more 474 of that in 2015, but only less than 3,000 saw the debts reestruturas, reveal statistics released Tuesday.

The balance sheet confirms that the situation has not improved, according to the coordinator of GAS, Natália Nunes: "The expectation that economic growth would improve the financial situation of families has not occurred, nor has there been a reduction of families to ask for help, quite to the contrary, there has been a slight increase".

The number of requests for help from families in a situation of over-indebtedness rose over the past year, 29.056 orders in 2015, to 29.530. This number was only downloaded in 2014, to 29 thousand requests for help, compared to the 29.214 requests for 2013, but since 2014 have gone up consecutively, being 2016 the year with the highest number of requests for help for a long time.

But, of the total orders received by the GAS, the vast majority is by the way: "we Continue to see a degradation of their financial situation and, therefore, we were not able to help most of the families," said Natália Nunes, explaining that, in most cases, the office of the Deco is unable to proceed with the restructuring of the debt.

of The total orders, almost 30 thousand, the Deco followed in the past year only 2.715, three more cases than in the previous year and less than 53 cases of that in 2014.

As to the reasons that lead households to indebt itself in excess or above the ability to pay the debt, continue to lead the connected to the work, particularly the unemployment, but this has dropped to a weight of 26%, when in 2014 was 30%.

As to the academic qualifications, the majority of households that asks for help have secondary education (35%), or 3.Th cycle (22%), representing higher education only 18%.

The majority of requests for help over-indebted to the Deco is from the Lisbon and Tagus Valley (43%), Port and North (31%) and Central region (155), representing the Alentejo and the Algarve only 5% and 4% of requests, respectively.

The rate of stress average of the processes of over-indebtedness in the hands of the Deco was 67% in the past year, showing a low in the face of the effort rate of 72% in 2015.


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