Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unemployment in the Euro Zone in a minimum of seven years. Uk with the second biggest decline – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

the unemployment rate in The Euro Zone headed back down in December, ending the year at 9.6% which represents the record low since May 2009, and compares with the 9.7 percent recorded in November. Economists had predicted a rise to 9.8%.

according To Eurostat, the number of unemployed fell by 121 thousand in the Euro Zone in the last month of the year. Comparing with December of 2015, the unemployment rate dropped to 9 decimal places and the number of unemployed has decreased 1,256 million.

Descent in Portugal was the second largest in the euro

the lowering of The unemployment rate in the Euro Zone due to the descent recorded in the major economies, with emphasis on Germany, where the unemployment rate went down a tenth, and reached a minimum since the reunification of the country.

the largest economy in The euro has the unemployment rate is the lowest among all the countries of the Euro Area, the Eurostat calculates at 3.9%. In the European Union is the Czech Republic, which has the smaller tax (3,5%).

In the opposite direction is Greece, with the highest rate (23%), followed by Spain (18.4 percent). Even so, Spain was the country in the Euro Zone where the unemployment rate is more decreased compared to December of 2015, when it was 20.7%.

In second place was Portugal, given that the unemployment rate registered in December is two percentage points below that verified in December 2015. The INE announced yesterday that the unemployment rate in Portugal fell to 10.2% in the last month of the last year, which equates to a minimum since March 2009.

Despite the downward trend of the unemployment rate in Portugal, the rate is the fifth highest among the countries of the Euro, only surpassed by the record of Italy (12%), Cyprus (14.3 Percent), Spain (18.4 percent) and Greece (23%).

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