Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ricardo Salgado defendant in the Operation the Marquis heard by Carlos Alexandre – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

Ex-president of the BES was interrogated in the Central Department of Investigation and Penal Action and was then to the Court of Instruction

Ricardo Salgado was, Wednesday, charged in the Operation Marquês. A statement of the general Prosecutor of the Republic confirmed that the ex-banker was questioned at the Central Department of Investigation and Penal Action in that the quality of procedure and evidence.

“The defendant is suspected of the practice of the facts susceptible of integrating the crimes of corruption, abuse of trust, influence peddling, money laundering and tax fraud qualified,” says the statement of the PGR.

The interrogation ended about 17:20, time the that the ex-president came out of the facilities of the DCIAP. The former leader of the BES was then forwarded to the Central Court of Criminal investigation, to be heard by the judge Carlos Alexandre, with a view to the determination of the measure of compulsion to apply.

This due diligence is still performed around 18:00 this Wednesday.

The Public Prosecutor, according to press release to newsrooms, ask for Ricardo Salgado “coercive measure other than the term of identity and residence”, as the more light provided to the accused in cases of crime.

Ricardo Salgado is accompanied by his lawyer, Francisco Proença de Carvalho.

The prosecutors have suspicions regarding the money found in the accounts of Carlos Santos Silva, a friend of the former prime minister. It is suspected that a large part of this money, more than 17 million euros, has originated in society with connections to the Espírito Santo group.

Ricardo Salgado, the defendant in other proceedings, will be questioned by the prosecutor Rosário Teixeira, and by the inspector of the Tax Authority Paul Silva.

The process Operation Marquis account with 19 defendants, including the former prime minister, socialist José Sócrates, who was arrested pre-emptively for more than nine months, and that is indicted for tax fraud qualified, money laundering and passive corruption for illicit act.

Among the accused are the ex-socialist minister Armando Vara and daughter, Carlos Santos Silva, a businessman and friend of former prime minister, Joaquim Baroque, entrepreneur of the Lena group, John Perna, a former driver of the former leader of the PS, Paulo Lalanda de Castro, the group’s Nineties, Inês do Rosário, the wife of Carlos Santos Silva, lawyer Gonçalo Trindade Ferreira and entrepreneurs Diogo Gaspar Ferreira and Rui mão de Ferro.

the completion of The investigation of “Operation Marquis,” was scheduled for march 2017, after in September the PGR have granted more than 180 days (six months) for the “realization of all steps of research considered essential”. the South


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