Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It is cheaper to travel on the TAP from Vigo that of the Port – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

The difference can vary between 100 and 600 euros for long-haul journeys

The long journeys of the TAP are cheaper from Vigo, in Spain, of that Port, stands today the Journal News, that after several simulations, it concludes that the difference can range from 100 euros, for the lowest fares, up to 600 euros for business class.

The starting point is always the same: travel to Lisbon to catch a another flight in the direction of the final destination and then do the same route in reverse. In the simulations made by the JN at the site of the TAP and carried out by travel agencies, it is almost always lower to start the trip in Vigo than in Porto.

THE JN indicates, for example, that a round trip (10 and 17 June) to Boston, USA, from the Port costs 810 euro, and the same travel from Vigo costs 710. For New York city going to the Port costs 745 euros, but from Vigo already costs 655. For the Rio de Janeiro travel costs 1019 € from the Port and only 888 from Vigo. This is always with a stopover in Lisbon and in affordable budget rates.

THE TAP justified these differences in cm factors as the number of daily flights, the duration of the trip, the market price or the intention of capturing the passengers are exclusively motivated by price, according to JN. The airline also stresses that the flights from Vigo have other financial implications for the passengers, because schedules are not as suited to the links you want. That is, in some cases, departing from Vigo, it is necessary to pass the night in Lisbon to catch the flight to the final destination, which is not the case on flights originating from the Port


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