Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The british government needs authorization from parliament to start brexit – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

Government already came to say that the decision does not change anything on the calendar from the exit of the EU

The uk supreme court decided that the first-minister Theresa May can not activate the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the process of exit from the European Union without the approval of the parliament. The government has already stated, however, that the decision does not change anything” in the calendar of the brexit.

the decision of The supreme was taken not by unanimity but by a majority of 8, with 3 votes against. The president of the court Lord Neuberger said that despite being the prerogative of the government to sign and and change the treaties, you may not do without authorization of parliament as these affect the rights of the citizens. The judge made it very clear, however, that this decision is about the right of the government to activate the article 50 and not on the exit from the EU.

So, the decision is going to have to go through parliament which could delay the process, that Theresa May wanted to launch by the end of march. The good news for the british prime minister is that the court considers that the other parliaments, notably the scottish, they do not have to be heard.

however, the government ensures that there will be no delays. “The british voted in favor of the output of the European Union and the Government fulfills this desire, activating article 50.º [the Lisbon Treaty] before the end of march, as expected. Today’s decision changes nothing”, said the british Government in a statement issued by the international agencies.

Labor will not vote against

The Attorney-General to the british, Jeremy Wright, ruled that the decision was a disappointment, but he did know that the Government will abide by the decision of the Supreme Court and that will be issued today a statement in Parliament.

” today’s decision gives hope to the political wing pro-european in the british Parliament be able to soften the terms of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of the European Union.

The british labour party, currently in opposition, has now come to say that you will not frustrate in parliament the process to activate the Article 50. “The labor respect the outcome of the referendum and the will of the british people and will not frustrate the process to invoke Article 50″, revealed in a statement the spokesman of the party headed by Jeremy Corbyn, thus ensuring the output of the United Kingdom of the EU.

however, the same director pointed out that the party will demand from the government a plan that calls upon the executive during negotiations.


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