Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Former workers of the Shipyards of Viana want an exception to reforms – the guardian

The former workers of the Shipyards of Viana do Castelo, delivered this morning to the Minister of the Sea a document the claim to the Government a regime of exception for the access to early retirement.

Story by Liliana Costa

“since there was a regime of exception to to pass from hand kissed our company to the private sector so that there is now a regime of exception that will minimize the cuts that we will have, in particular the sustainability factor is that in 2014, when we left, it was of 4,78, and today is 13,38%in addition to the cut of 0.25 due to the fact that in terms unlinked by mutual agreement,” he explained to the TSF António Ribeiro, a spokesman for the committee representative of the former workers of the Shipyards of Viana do Castelo.

The matter has been discussed with the Ministry of Labour, in a meeting that took place at the end of last year, but up until now, the office of Vieira da Silva did not commit to any decision.

The most serious cases are those of ex-workers who are not having the age to require reform, are left without unemployment benefits, without a job and without any other social support. “At the time of the termination of unemployment allowance [scheduled for the next months] will be 55 or 56 years old and will have to wait a year or two without any social support until they reach the age to be able to require the reform”, explained António Ribeiro.

in addition To these, other nearly two hundred workers with at least 57 years will be able to require the retirement but with large penalties.

In 2014, when the Government decided to hand over management of the Shipyards of Viana do Castelo to Martifer, the sub-concessionaire in the West Sea has undertaken to integrate 400 of the 600 workers, then dismissed. But two years later will be much less, only to “120″ by the accounts of António Ribeiro.

The Minister of the Sea noted the concerns of the former workers of the Shipyards, promising to refer them to the Secretary of State for Social Security. “Good luck”, shot by Ana Paula Vitorino, promising to do “what to me”, “try allowing the port to grow to get employment for everybody”.

In Viana do Castelo, the minister for Ana Paula Vitorino announced Tuesday investments in the order of 36 million euros to improve access to the port of Viana do castelo, whether maritime, through dredging to deepen the channel, either in the road, with the construction of an access road to coveted for many years by the municipality.

in addition, it was also signed a concession for the exploitation of the dry dock “Eng. Duarte Pacheco” to the construction of pleasure craft.

These works are part of the “Strategy for Increasing the Competitiveness of the Port”, an investment plan of € 2.5 billion in national ports to meet over the next ten years.


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