Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The box does not reveal the credits. “Don’t pass me by my head which does not comply with the” decision of the Relationship – the Observer

the administration of The Caixa Geral de Depósitos refused to surrender to Parliament, in response to a request from the PSD, with detailed information about the credits, whose impairments and provisions are behind the need for increase of the share capital of 2,700 million euros. The response, signed by two managers who do not have resigned, Rui Vilar and John Tudela Martins, stressed that the bank can not give information about customers, or about the internal life of the bank, because this is protected by bank secrecy.

This answer was given this week, after the Lisbon Court of appeal have considered that the Box was obliged to deliver a set of information requested by the parliamentary commission of inquiry, in particular on the loans and customers. The application had been made on the 13th day of January, before the decision of the Relationship, which was notified to the commission of inquiry on the 18th of January, but the response given by two directors of the Box to refuse the delivery of the information is this Monday.

The president of the commission of inquiry, José de Matos Correia, has already reacted to this reply Box. "Don’t pass me by my head that any entity incumpra a decision of the Relationship and I can only admit that it was not notified" or that the decision still has not passed in final. "We don’t know if there was notification, but assumes that they have been notified," he said on Tuesday, after hearing of Faria de Oliveira. Until yesterday, the Box had no indication that it intended to appeal the decision of the Court of the Relationship.

José de Matos Correia welcomes the content of the decision of the Relationship, but stresses that it has consequences, and calls on the parliamentary groups to reflect on what should be done. And one of the issues that is out in the open is the scheduling of new hearings. The last one that is checked, next Thursday, is the of Maria Luís Albuquerque.

After António Domingues have confirmed that the administration also recognized impairment losses of the order of 3,000 million euros, which led to the needs of entry capital fresh of 2,700 million euros, the PSD asked the Box the details on the loans in question, including the amount of the debts, impairments and provisions constituted, who decided and negotiated the claims, the recovery plan and the guarantees.

in Spite of hearing Domingues have been held in the committee of budget and finance, and not in the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the case, the application has been made in the framework of the parliamentary commission of inquiry.

The two administrators of the Box admit up to provide information about the internal life of the institution, which is covered by the banking secrecy and with the exception of cases in which the interests in question do not permit it.

And the documentation requested, argue the managers of the Box, not only is not approved in its entirety, as it "contains information relating to clients and to the internal life of the Box which, by their nature and sensitivity, it is imposed to keep it secret for the preservation of their legitimate interests within the framework of fully competitive in which it develops its activity."

The questions of what may or may not be delivered in the committee of inquiry does not become by Caixa Geral de Depósitos. The ex-president of the Box, António Domingues, questions the obligation to deliver the personal communications he exchanged with members of the Government before being appointed president. And she even presented a legal opinion. But the deputies keep the request.


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