Friday, January 27, 2017

The army wants that the candidates are required to submit a medical certificate – the Renaissance (press release)

The General Inspectorate of the Army has found two vulnerabilities in the information system of the clinic, revealed this Friday the Army. The research was done after the death of two people during the last course of the Command.

The inspection detects that there is not "a repository of clinical information, a single, centralized, and across available to Health facilities existing in the Army". More: the current system "does not allow you to have access to the platform of health data, the National Health Service (NHS), and therefore it is not possible to know the medical history of the citizen, prior to his entry in the ranks".

To eliminate these gaps, it is suggested that, before the next course of the special force, to ensure "the access to the information contained in the evidence classification and selection of candidates through the system of support for evidence classification, and selection" and make "the extension of the information system of the clinic Hospital of the Armed Forces (HFAR) of the rules of procedure of Command and to the Health Center of Coimbra, ensuring access to clinical information of the military".

The candidates for the military in special forces will also be required to submit "a clinical report issued by your family doctor or by a unit of primary care and the NHS, to access the medical history of the applicants available on the National Health Service".

One of the proposals is the networking of clinical information systems among the Army, the Hospital of the Armed Forces (HFAR) and the National Health Service, a way to avoid the diseases of candidates are not detected prior to the course.

The Health Centers of the Army, in Santa Margarida in the operational part, and in Coimbra in the assessment of the clinical situation for the purposes of the admission in the courses of the Commands, you do not have access to clinical information recorded in the HFAR or in the health centres of the NHS. This allows the candidate to the courses omit clinical information relevant to not being excluded, as reported in the Renaissance.

Five of the place to receive instruction away from the 127 course of Command for medical reasons had a “serious illness” – one of which is a tumor on the bone in the area of the basin – which had already been detected during tests earlier in the HFAR, but the Army said he was unaware.

The idea, says the Army, is next to the "integration of a system of a universal character, leading to the creation of a Clinical Process, Unique to the Armed Forces".

Two military officers died in the training of 127.º Course of Commands in the region of Alcochete, in Setúbal district, on the 4th of September, and several others received hospital care.

As some of these changes have "implications for entities outside the Army" should be heard from the ministries of Defense and Health.


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