Monday, January 30, 2017

The Aethel Partners is interested in the New Bank – Express

There is one more name in the back of the New Bank, in addition to the investment funds north-american Lone Star, and Apollo/Centerbridge. The Aethel Partners, a british company that bought the Banco Efisa, wants to enter the race for the purchase of the institution, advances the "Journal of Business" this Monday.

According to the newspaper, the company manager, the Portuguese Ricardo Santos Silva asked for a meeting with Sérgio Monteiro, with the intention of expressing your interest in the New Bank, but the head of the Bank of Portugal responded by saying that this may only participate in the process if you combine one of the u.s. funds that are negotiating the purchase of the institution.

the interest of The Aethel Partners by the New Bank was formalized Sérgio Monteiro through a letter dated January 27, signed by Ricardo Santos Silva and Aba Schubert, leaders of the institution.

In the letter, the "Business" had access, the two members to "express its interest in the acquisition of the bank along with a number of investors", but these do not appear identified.

in addition To the expression of interest, in early December, the Aethel Partners created a society, the Aethel Limited, solely with the purpose of come to acquire the New Bank account in the morning.


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