Friday, January 20, 2017

Block and CFP confirm that reject compensation to the minimum wage – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The coordinator of the Left Bloc (BE) said this Friday that the party “does not admit of compensation to the companies by the minimum wage increase, but pointed out that the low energy bills and better access to finance are measures favourable. Catarina Martins confirms the information advanced on the afternoon of Thursday by the Business.

“Lower energy costs? Sure. Resolve problems on access to finance? We need to do it. Decrease the interest that companies pay? Sure. Resolve problems such as the special payment on account, which is too high for small businesses? Here we are for this. Descapitalizar Social Security? This can’t be”, he advocated Catarina Martins, speaking to journalists in Parliament.

The leader of the BE spoke after meeting with a delegation of the CGTP, led by the secretary-general, Arménio Carlos, and pointed out that when looking at the costs of the companies, it is notorious that “weighs a lot more, of the invoice of energy, or invoice financing, for example, that the wages of the workers”.

In question in the encounter between the BE and the CGTP was the Unique Social tax (TSU), on the eve of the parliament’s power stopping the descent of the fee for the employers, upon agreement in social dialogue.

“The that the BE does not admit is that there are mechanisms of compensation of the national minimum wage that what they do is to promote low wages,” said Catarina Martins.

the reduction of The rate, he continued, “was used in consecutive years” to compensate for the increase in the minimum wage, and “what happened with the successive reductions shall be the minimum wage that amounted to 10% of the workers now arrive at the double”.

“Another different thing is to realize that companies need other decreases in other costs,” acknowledged Catarina Martins, speaking once again on the energy bill and the costs of financing for companies.

By the CGTP, Armenian Carlos, warned the Government: “Most of the talking in a change of policy, it is necessary to achieve that change.”

If the executive had heard of the central trade union, asserted the leader, “not had the problem you now have.”

THE CGTP has not signed the social dialogue agreement that provides for the lowering of the TSU: employer confederations and UGT, for its part, signed the text that was signed on Tuesday.

Also this Friday, the secretary-general of the PCP has declared that will not support a plan B to compensate the companies for the increase in the minimum wage.

At the end of a meeting with the Association of Intervention Democratic – which includes the CDU, in election periods – and questioned whether the CFP can support a ‘plan B’ from the Government to compensate the companies likely to ‘lead’ in parliament of the descent of the TSU, Jerónimo de Sousa responded negatively.

“No, the PCP continues to consider that to be the mix that should not be mixed, the increase of SMN and bonuses for companies, this must be clearly separated,” he stressed.

“we do Not consider that there is a need for alternatives. The framework of the increase in the NMS was verified (…) I had to drag any bonus or any compensation to the companies for the employers”, he justified.

(updated News with the position of the CFP)


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