Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Business closed. The Mota-Engil group and the New Database comprises 384 million by Ascendi – Express

Good news for Mota-Engil and the New Bank, with the settlement of the partial sale of Ascendi to Ardian Infrastructure. The two shareholders (the Mota -Engil group holds 60%) fit 384 million in this 1st phase of the operation.

The transaction involves three more concessions that will make the fitting of Ascendi to surpass 600 million euros.

This Wednesday, the Mota-Engil group communicated to the market that after the operations of the corporate restructuring and the necessary authorizations, “the company proceeded to the settlement of the first phase of the transaction” of the business announced on 3 August 2016.

This operation with the Ardian incorporates five concessionaires. but leaves out the holdings of Ascendi in the concession Pinhal Interior, Douro Interior, and a concession in the Community of Castilla – La Mancha.

The Ardian there investira 300 million to acquire half of the capital of the five dealerships that will now hold in full.

When the operation was announced in August, the stakeholders pointed to as a reference value of 600 million euros, assuming an improvement up to 53 million by way of a mechanism variable price.

The network Ascendi is the second largest motorway network in Portugal (Brisa), with more than 850 kilometres along seven roads portajadas.

in Addition to the Lusoponte, the group Ascendi owns 50% of the Road of the Tietê, in Brazil, 50% of the Copexa, in Mexico, and 40% of the Roads of the Zambezi, in Mozambique.


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