Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Indexes of Wall Street closed at record levels; Dow Jones surpasses 20 thousand points – Porto Canal

New York, jan 25 (Lusa) — The major stock market indices of the square new york closed today at record levels, with the Dow Jones to overcome a plateau symbolic of the 20 thousand points, the most since 121 years.

The definitive results indicate that the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the session with a gain of 0.78% (155,80 points), for 20.068,51 units.

The other two indices had identical consecrations, with the technological Nasdaq to rise to 0.99% (55,38), 5.656,34 units, and the broader S&P 500 gain by 0.80% (18,30), 2.298,37 points.

“we are over the bar from 20 thousand points,” welcomed Peter Cardillo, chief economist at First Standard Financial Company.

The index is emblematic of the New York stock exchange exceeded this level since the opening, gaining some ground since then.

“I Attribute these gains to the solid results of companies (…) and to the two decrees signed by Trump”, explained Cardillo.

Among the decisions valued by investors, the new president re-launched on Tuesday the construction of two pipelines controversial, as he had promised in the election campaign.

for more than a month that the Dow Jones roçava this value, which exceeded by the end less than a week after the investiture of Trump, held on Friday.

“investors worldwide are considering their concerns politicians in the middle of a flow of decisions from the president north-american,” summed up analysts from Charles Schwab, in a note of evaluation of the day scholar.

Stagnant since mid-December, the square of the Wall Street resumed its uptrend, which had marked the post-election period, thanks to the promises of the re-release of the budget, reducing regulations on businesses and lowering taxes.

another factor, social psychological, that pressed in the direction of the high, it was the fear that investors had to not take advantage of another rising scholar, after the most part does not have early verified after the elections, said Patrick O’hare of Briefing.

In the immediate term, investors banalizaram the risks of protectionist and will Trump renegotiate some trade agreements.




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