Monday, January 30, 2017

Unemployment rate provisional of December is positive, says Government News Journal

The Secretary of State for Employment, Miguel Cabrita, said today that the unemployment rate provisional of December on a 10.2% is a positive datum, manifesting optimistic that the goals set by the Government for this indicator will be achieved.

“We are optimistic that we may reach the goal that was traced and that you can even see the download,” said the ruling, noting, however, that “more important than the goals is the reality”.

Miguel Cabrita spoke after the National Institute of Statistics (INE) kept the unemployment rate from November on 10,5% and have advanced a provisional estimate of 10.2% for December.

In the State Budget for 2017, the Government estimated that the unemployment rate is set to 11.2% in 2016, and that it goes down to 10.4% this year.

To Miguel Cabrita, the numbers today released by the INE confirm that that has been the development of the employment market throughout the year in Portugal, with successive drops in the unemployment rate.

“Let’s finish the year with about 100 thousand jobs in net terms and with less 100 thousand unemployed, according to the estimates of the INE. The data for December are provisional, but November is already definitive and points to a 4.First quarter that is also to be very positive,” said the secretary of State.

“Is the unemployment rate lowest since April 2009, which is a given consistent with the data that we already have and that has to do with unemployment, that has to do with the job centres, which came down below 500 thousand, which has also not happened since 2009,” he added.

According to Miguel Cabrita, the evolution of the unemployment rate is also consistent with other data that the Government has been following in terms of consumer confidence, business confidence and job creation throughout the year.

“The Portuguese economy is failing to create jobs and this is the engine more important to be able to face the future and the next year with confidence that we will continue to have good results in this field,” said the ruler, not to mention the fact that Portugal has an unemployment rate of more than 10%.

“we Have serious problems still to be solved, such as long-term unemployment, youth unemployment”, said the secretary of State indicating that, in the case of young people, there was a decrease in “significant”, given that became of be above 30% to about 26%, but is still a high rate where it is important that there is progress.

THE INE will disclose Employment statistics relating to the fourth quarter in the day 08 February.


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