Tuesday, January 24, 2017

. Suspended refunds but already the regularized – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

THE. suspended during some weeks the payment of € 14 million in refunds to beneficiaries, confirmed to the Business by the director-general.

Carlos Liberato Baptista, who indicates that the matter was today raised by the SIC, already after having been approached by the Sun newspaper, attributes the delays to all of the procedures required to transform the. in a public institute and ensures that the last tranche has already been released.

Between the end of December and the 18th of January, the payment of refunds has been suspended, for a total amount of 14 million euros, a problem that assigns all the bureaucracy inherent in the transformation of. of the directorate-general at the Public Institute.

“we’ve Had to create accounts in the ESPAP, to adopt a tax number is different, download the budget of DGO for a Public Institute, open new accounts,” he said.

According to describes, this Tuesday, January 24, regularized-if the last transfer of 3 million euros, in the last step to regularize a total amount of 14 million euros.

THE. it was a directorate-general, but was transformed into a Public Institute with effect from 1 January.

The clarifications of the director-general of the. have been provided the purpose of the answers sent by the ministry of Health to the Parliament on the increase of the payment terms of the. and the possible application of the balances in the public debt.

News corrected at 18:27, explaining that in question are 14 million and not 18 million, as mistakenly initially indicated.


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