Monday, October 17, 2016

250 thousand pensions below the 275 will also have a extraordinary increase – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

Update ten euros scheduled for August must reach the minimum pension that were not updated in the last few years

The Government says that there are 250 thousand pensions below 275 euros that may benefit from the upgrade surcharge of 10 euros scheduled for August in the proposed State Budget for 2017 (OE2017).

according To the secretary of State for Social Security, Claudia Joaquim, in this case, “different situations”, such as disability pensions with career lower or pensions prepaid by easing.

“When the previous Government stated that the updated all pensions up to a certain value, this in fact did not happen (…) there is a set still very significant below this value [of the minimum of the minimum] that has not had this update,” said the ruler today in the press conference.

“We estimate that 250 thousand pension may be in this case”, said Claudia Joaquim, explaining that the update is extraordinary not be processed if the pensioner accumulate more than one pension and if the total value exceed the 1,5 IAS [Social Support Index].

According to the minister of Labour, Social Security and Solidarity, Vieira da Silva, the pensions low that they had no update “correspond to the social group where the Government should concentrate the efforts”.

“We are talking about values 80/90 euros on average,” he said.

The ruler explained during the press conference that the Government has decided, on the proposal of state budget for 2017, to proceed to an update to the extraordinary for the year 2017 of pensions to pensioners whose income is less than 1.5 IAS, and that they have not had the update.

There are around 1.5 million pensioners will be covered by this measure, he said.

“over The past few years, a significant number, moreover the majority of pensioners, and saw debased your purchasing power and your quality of life and therefore the Government, having noted this fact, and no possibility to give an answer to part of the State Budget of 2017 decided to take it out”, he justified.

In the proposed state budget for 2017, on pensions, the Government also extends the first step of 1.5 IAS 2 IAS.

The full financial impact arising out of the upgrades planned for 2017 will be 200 million euros.

according To Vieira da Silva, the update of the pensions “return to normalcy” in 2018.

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