Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Airline security. Government rejects charge of 20 cents per airplane ticket – Diário de Notícias – Lisbon

Director of the Office of Prevention and Aircraft Accidents denounces the lack of means and requested fee for each plane ticket. Government refusal

The secretary of State of Infrastructures, rejected today the creation of a fee of 20 cents per air ticket, as proposed by the director of the Office of Prevention and Aircraft Accidents to resolve the financial problems of the entity.

In statements to the TSF radio, Guilherme W. d’oliveira Martins has rejected the creation of the rate of 20 cents, noting that the Government is “committed to investing in the strengthening of the means of research, prevention and security”.

“More than create fees, the government is committed to investing in the carry out expenditure in the reinforcement of the means of investigation, prevention and safety. This is more important. We are not to create additional charges to provide for the needs of an organism, but in a larger picture of strengthening prevention and safety”, explained the secretary of State.

Oliveira Martins rejected so that prevention and air safety is compromised by a lack of financial means of the office.

In an interview released today in the TSF, the director of the Office of Prevention and Investigation of Aircraft Accidents (GPIAA), Alvaro Neves, complained about the financial situation of the entity that directs, admitting that the prevention and investigation of aviation accidents can be compromised if the problem is not resolved.

“Strangled by a garrote until the inoperable”, said the responsible to the TSF, explaining that the situation “complicated further” this year.

Álvaro Neves considered “urgent the creation of a fee of 20 cents pays for the plane ticket, which is fundamental to create, also, a reserve fund for the State in the event of a serious accident”.

in A reaction to the statements of Alvaro Neves, the State secretary of Infrastructure rejected the creation of the fee, and reminded that in recent years the Government has reinforced the means of prevention and aviation safety.

“In recent years there has been a strengthening of the security and in the prevention of accidents, through the implementation of an integrated program of security of the Portuguese State,” he said.

Guilherme d’oliveira Martins said that in 2015 there has been an increase of audits of air operators.

“In 2015, increased by about 44% [audits], and in the structures of the airport to 14%. In the last year, increased by the inspections of foreign aircraft. Were 272 aircraft inspected”, had to.

The secretary of State recalled that it was also guaranteed to stay in the cabin for two crew members also as a measure of safety and prevention.


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