Monday, October 17, 2016

ACP: Budget leaves the un more of a “withdrawal tax” in the automotive sector – the Express

The Automobile Club of Portugal (ACP) argues that the proposed State Budget for 2017 (OE2017) goes on “the fast track revenue by sector automotive”, “getting bare plus a withdrawal tax” for this market.

In a statement issued on Monday, the ACP states that the Government moves forward with updates of taxes and fees, and, as has been the habit, accompanied by a package of exotic fees, and additional taxes”, criticizing the lack of policies and strategies for smart mobility and effective.

“In all aspects, is a Budget empty, without a future or strategy, you do not have another goal in addition to the tax revenue,” argues the association led by Carlos Barbosa, pointing the finger at the end of the incentives for electric cars and the incentive to slaughter the end of life vehicles.

according To the estimates made by the ACP, the Government should raise, compared to the previous year, more than 22 million euros in motor Vehicle Tax (ISV) and Single Tax Movement (IUC).

According to the proposal of the OE2017 delivered last Friday in the Assembly of the Republic, the purchase of a new car the diesel will get more expensive in 2017, due to an increase of 3% in the ISV. The Government will also increase the IUC at 0.8% for all vehicles in 2017 and introduces a taxation compounded for the more polluting vehicles, which translates to an increase of 6.5% on cars with emissions above 180 grams per kilometre, and 8.8% for emissions above 250 grams per kilometre.

“A novelty in this proposal OE2017 is the end of the incentive to purchase electric, promised in the previous budget by 31 December 2017″, emphasises the association, stating that “Portugal is contrary to the trends of the market and offers a discount exotic hybrid ‘plug-in’”.

The purchase of a hybrid vehicle ‘plug-in’ (a vehicle that combines electric motor and the gasoline) will allow a reduction of the ISV up to 562,5 euros, according to the proposal of OE2017. “The introduction in the consumption of a hybrid vehicle ‘plug-in’ new without a registration gives the right to the reduction of the ISV up to 562,5 euros, under the terms of this article,” reads the draft law of the OE 2017.


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