Saturday, October 15, 2016

Brewers consider the tax a “disappointment” – the Observer

The Portuguese Association of Beer Producers (APCV) expressed on Saturday "deep disappointment" with the new increase of 3% of the tax on beer, arguing that the sector should be protected, similarly to what happens with the wine.

According to the proposal of the State Budget for 2017 (OE2017), sent on Friday to the parliament, the Government will again increase in the next year, the tax on beer, spirits and liqueur wines, on 3%.

To the APCV, this new increase is a "deep disappointment", being "unjustifiable" that the sector of the beer "is not preserved in a tax efficient way, while strategic sector to protect, and vital to the national economy, similarly to what has made and continues to make with the industry of wine."

in addition, the industry also do not realize that the beer has "a tax treatment identical to that of imported beverages and with reduced expression of the row, in Portugal, as is the case of spirits/hard alcohol".

in This sense, the association that represents the companies of domestic beer and the brewers craft national, will ask the parliamentary groups in the Assembly of the Republic, which is reviewed at the headquarters of the specialty what it considers to be a "huge situation of lawlessness tax between the different sectors producers of alcoholic beverages".


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