Thursday, January 5, 2017

CCB wants to build five-star hotel in Bethlehem – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

the new president of The Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) wants to build the two modules that are missing in relation to the original project and occupy them with a new five-star hotel. The project will give more life to the zone of Belém but also to ensure that the cultural equipment shall have a revenue sufficient to gain financial autonomy against the Central State. The news was advanced by Elísio Summavielle in a joint interview to Renascença Radio, and the newspaper Public.

has been In office for less than a year, at which time it was named by John Soares to replace António Lamas, Elísio Summavielle says he has spent the first months trying to stabilise the accounts of the CCB. Thus, the passive, “in the May-June walked to the back of the 800 thousand euros”, has disappeared, the guarantor.

Today, the CCB receives the State’s 6.7 million euros for programming, a value that goes too far from the 10 million euros per year in the past and that is, by and large, absorbed for salaries and current expenses. It is, therefore, necessary to find revenue alternatives. And it is in this context that arise in the plans to complete the original project and to exploit it commercially.

The idea is to build a “prestigious hotel, five-star hotel with about 160 rooms”, in the modules 4 and 5 of the CCB. The project is already being negotiated with the Association of Tourism of Lisbon and the camera, and, in brief, will be engaging in conversations with the Ministry of Finance to define in which way certain for the launch of the public tender.

With the grant of the exploration of the hotel, Elísio Summavielle expects to have “conditions for sustainability large and to exit from the current framework law of foundations and its constraints”.

An example of these constraints? When the concessionaire of the restaurant came out and the task passed to the CCB, it was necessary to make calls for sea bass and vegetables “at a pace diabolical”.


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