Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chinese president warns Trump in Davos: “Globalization is irreversible” – EBC

chinese president Xi Jinping said on Tuesday (17), in Davos, where he opened the World Economic Forum, they blame it on globalization will not solve the problems of the world. The speech was a message to policy protectionist and isolationist advocated by the president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump. The information of the Radio France International.

This is the first time that a chinese president participates in the World Economic Forum. And the president Xi Jinping arrived in Davos with a surprising speech of the defender of free trade, warning against the trade wars and setbacks in the process of globalization.

“we Have to continue advocating for the development of free trade (…) and say no to protectionism”, hammered the chinese leader in front of the 3,000 economic leaders and politicians gathered in the city of the swiss Alps. “Any attempt by you to disrupt the flows of capital, technologies and products (…) is impossible and goes against the march of history”, he noted.

Message clear

The message of Xi Jinping to the world’s elite aimed to implicitly Donald Trump, who takes over the presidency of the first world power in the next Friday (20) and has been accusing openly the globalization of destroying thousands of jobs in the United States.

Trump, who is not part of the Forum, has promised to abandon the Association Agreement Transpacific (TPP), a free trade agreement signed in 2015 between 12 countries in North America and South america and Asia. It also threatens to create customs barriers with Mexico and China, in addition to depreciate with frequency to the World Trade Organization (WTO), directed by brazilian Roberto Azevêdo.

Xi Jinping also criticised multilateral institutions like the WTO, considered it “inappropriate” and “atypical”. The communist leader defends however a rebalancing of globalization “should be more inclusive and more sustainable”. China wants to take advantage of the management of Trump to strengthen its position as the second world power and redraw as you the world map of world trade.

global Responsibility

Conscious of the movement against globalization in many countries, the theme of the World Economic Forum this year is “the responsibility of leaders”. Klaus Schwab, founder of the event in the years 70, it is estimated that the world’s elite must seek the reason why people are irritated and unsatisfied. It refers to the election of Trump in the us, but also to the referendum by Brexit, for example.

The Global Forum assesses that the social exclusion and inequalities are the main dangers for 2017 and published on Monday (16) a study that shows that the average annual income has gone backwards in the developed countries in the last five years. “We should listen to what people say. The advantages of globalization are more evident in emerging countries than in developed countries,” said Sergio Ermotti, head of the swiss bank UBS.

“As happens every year, with the complicity of the mainstream media, the elites will try to pass a positive image of its ‘leadership’ on globalization. But will be obliged to take account of the revolt growing of the peoples, who disturbs the neo-liberal order”, denounced the NGO Attac.


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