Monday, January 16, 2017

Germany and BMW face the threat of a Trump – Express

The vice-chancellor and German minister for economic affairs Sigmar Gabriel stated on Monday that the creation of a rate in the United States for the import of German goods will have a side effect that will hit the manufacturers of the automobiles americans, giving them "a bad wake up", since they are dependent on parts manufactured in Europe.

"The automotive industry in the United States would have a bad wake up if all of the parts supplied which are not manufactured in the United States, arrived suddenly with a rate of 35%. I believe that would make the automobile industry of the United States weaker, worse and above all, more expensive. I would wait until you see what Congress has to say about that, taking into account that is full of people who want the opposite of Trump," declared the ruler to the German newspaper "Bild".

These statements appear in response to the threat launched by the President-elect, Donald Trump, who in an interview published this Sunday by the "Bild" counseled the BMW out of its plans to build a factory in Mexico in 2019, and build-in before in the United States, because, otherwise, it will tax the imports of their vehicles in 35%.

In response, Sigmar Gabriel drew the attention of Trump to the fact that the largest factory of BMW is already in the United States, specifically in South Carolina.

For its part, the builder German also have reacted to interview of the President-elect, stressing that maintains the plan to open a factory in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, in 2019, where it will produce the BMW 3-Series.

The statements of Trump led to reductions in value of the shares of BMW, as well as two other German manufacturers in the car sector, Daimler and Volkswagen in the market of Frankfurt.

In the same interview, the President-elect of the north american criticized also the lack of investment of Germany in NATO and the policy of opening up its country as refugees, accusing chancellor Angela Merkel of having committed "a catastrophic mistake to let you into the country all those illegal".

The vice-chancellor German also addressed this issue, replying that Germany is in fact making a "financial contribution gigantic to house refugees in the region, but as a result of the interventionist policy of the north-american" in the Middle East, including the war in Iraq.

"my advice is that we should not be telling each other what we did wrong, before we try to establish peace in the region and do everything to ensure that these people can go back to having a house in your region", returned Sigmar Gabriel .


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