Friday, January 6, 2017

Markets on Wall Street following mixed day of data on employment in the USA – RTP

By 15:30 [Lisbon time], the Dow Jones industrial followed the retreat of 0.02% to 19.894,48 points, while the technological Nasdaq composite advanced 0.16 percent to 5.496,66 points.

The index expanded Standard & Poor’s 500 followed, by the same time, the value of each light 0.01% to 2.269,02 points.

The job creation in the United States took 156.000 in December, slowing relative to November, and the unemployment rate increased marginally, to 4.7%, according to released today the u.s. authorities.

In December, were created 156.000 new jobs in the United States, a slowdown compared to 204.000 new jobs created in the month of November, and that the average of job creation in the last quarter of 2016 was 165.000 new jobs per month.


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