Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oil ensures that your trade margin in recent years has fallen – Express

Apetro – Portuguese Association of Oil Companies admit that between 2012 and 2016, the gross profit margin in the sale of fuels has risen in relative terms, but it guarantees that the trade margin of the companies in the sector fell.

The secretary of State for Energy, Jorge Seguro Sanches, asked the Competition Authority (AdC) a new study on fuel, have verified that in recent years, the gross profit margin of petrol stations, compared to the sale price before taxes, has increased.

Apetro issued this Tuesday a clarification where he admits that "it is perfectly natural that it be so", because the portion corresponding to the storage costs, including required reserves, distribution and marketing is "maioritamente fixed". Taking the average selling price to the public download, the weight of the portion increased.

But this does not mean, claims to the Apetro, that the sales margin in the sector has increased. The association says, in fact, that what occurred was "exactly the opposite".

according To the Apetro, the value of the portion of the storage, distribution and marketing for gasoline 95 decreased by 2.7 cents per gallon between 2012 and 2016, while in diesel the descent was 2.1 cents.

The association of petroleum says nothing against the initiative of the secretary of State the Power to request the AdC to a new study on "issues of market failure". "We welcome the initiative, more one to join the other already made, that will in line with our policy of transparency and accuracy," commented the Apetro.


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