Wednesday, January 18, 2017

One in five workers in low medical can work – Porto Canal

More than 56 thousand workers with low medical are able to work, in that the loss of the subsidy is the only consequence to these workers, says the office of the secretary of State for Social Security in statements to the TSF, this Monday.

Thousands of workers were entered in the stock verification, in 2016, following a strengthening of the action of the medical boards, which is included in the plan to combat fraud and evasion of contributions. This inspection is carried out by the Service of Verification of Disability is Extraordinary, focused on the workers that there are 40 days were not subject to an examination by the group of doctors that evaluates the degree of disability of a worker.

The number of offenders increases to 56 thousand if they are considered to be all the people that were assessed during the year 2016, in which 262 thousand inspections have done with that 56 thousand people ceased to be of low medical. The consequence for this act of false claim in order to obtain a medical are punished only with the cutting of the grant of the disease, says the Office of the Secretary of State for Social Security.


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