Saturday, January 14, 2017

PSD will be the candidate’s own in Lisbon – Public.en

the president of The PSD, Pedro Passos Coelho, has assured this Saturday that the social-democrats will have a own application to the Chamber of Lisbon, which will be presented “at the right time” and without a coalition with the CDS.

“In many municipalities we competed with, connected [with CDS], there are others in which there was no coalition. It is the case of Lisbon. It is a municipality where there is no coalition and the PSD will submit your application to the district capital,” he said.

Pedro Passos Coelho spoke in Covilhã, district of Castelo Branco, at the entrance to the “dinner of the kings” organized by the Commission on local Policy. Asked about the local and the particular case of Lisbon, the leader of the PSD reminded that despite the “preferential relationship with the CDS” the application of the Assumption Ridges was not born of an understanding with the PSD, so that also this party will have a candidate of its own.

“THE PSD will submit your time to your application also to Lisbon,” said, creasing the party “remains committed in making good choices”. Steps nothing said about the name of the future candidate.


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