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Retention of IRS begins to who wins more, of 615 euros – the Public.en

The new tables of retention of the IRS, which reflect an update of the ranks at 0.8% in 2017 (to inflation foreseen for the last year), determine that the monthly discount of the tax on salaries paid by companies or other employers begins in the 615 euros monthly salary. Up to this value there is no retention.

The rates, approved on Thursday by order of the secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Fernando Rocha Andrade, refer to the income earned by the citizens that are resident on the Continent.

The limit of 615 euros from which there is retention of IRS all months applies to those who, being worker’s dependent or retired, are you single or married in the situations in which the two members of a couple receiving income. In 2016, this limit would go up to 610 euros.

For married taxpayers where only one of them earns income, there is retention from 641 euros of the monthly remuneration. The Ministry of Finance has confirmed that "all the levels of withholding were updated on 0,8%," following the update provided in the budget for the own levels of the IRS-defined taxable income).

The retention is an anticipation of the monthly IRS pay to the State in terms of what is expected to be the rate to apply on the annual income of each taxpayer, which can result in hits in 2018 at the time of delivery of the declaration of the IRS, because truly what counts is the tax applied on the taxable income so determined.

The relief in the IRS expected this year comes on the one hand, the end or the descent of the surcharge (depending on the level of income), and, on the other, by the update of the ranks. Is to reflect this last measure introduced in the budget that were now adjusted to the retention tables.

There will be cases in which the wages processed in January will still follow the retention schedules for the 2016, which will lead to make this hit in February, as reported yesterday, the Ministry of Finance.

in Addition to the retention tables from IRS, which are still awaiting publication in the Gazette, the Government also approved the tables of withholding tax surcharge that will run for the third, fourth, and fifth echelons (for that is in the second already there is no surcharge).

By order, the Government came to define the limits of gross income monthly which correspond to the rates approved by the State Budget from 2017. It was already known that up to 1705 euros income gross monthly there is no retention of the surcharge (in the case of the contributors to the unmarried and the married in that the two are holders of income); now you learned that the retention of the surcharge of 1.75% (the third tier) applies to those who earn up to 3094 euros per month; the 3% rate applies to those who receive up to 5862 euros; and-the rate of 3.5% (the last step) for those who receive more than 5862 euros a month. These figures reflect an update of these levels at 1.3%.

The retention rates of the surcharge for the preceding three income levels are the same as those that applied in 2016, although the annual fee is lower (up to 0.88 %, 2,75% and 3,21% respectively). What happens is that the retention in the monthly salary only applies until 30 June for anyone who is in the third tier, and up to 30 November for the last two levels of income.

here are the tables of retention of the IRS to whom is the worker dependent (PDF)

here are the tables of retention of the IRS for pensioners (PDF)


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