Sunday, January 8, 2017

The government want to research the price of fuel – Daily News – Lisbon

Government asks the Competition Authority study on margin of the petrol stations

The secretary of State for Energy, Jorge Seguro Sanches, asked the Competition Authority (AdC) to conduct a new study about the profit margin that the petrol stations gain on sale to the public of fuels.

In statements to the weekly newspaper Expresso published now, the ruler said that the gross margin of the oil sector “has been on the increase particularly significant, deviating significantly from what had been its historical average”, the reason that motivated the submission, by letter, a request for study to that authority.

In the letter, which the newspaper had access, the Secretary of State for Energy remember that in 2012 the gross margin of gasoline was 17% of the final price before tax and the diesel fuel was 18%, having risen year after year to reach the 2016 to 28% in the case of petrol and 24% on diesel.

The gross margin of the company is calculated by the National Entity of the Market of Fuels (TNGC) from the difference between the price to the public (before taxes) practiced in the domestic market and the international price of refined products, including import and storage.

To calculate the profit margin of petrol stations is still necessary to deduct the fixed costs of the petrol stations, as the transport of the fuel up to the pump, or the labor in the stations.

The new president of the AdC, Margarida Matos Rosa, in mid-November, when it was still only indigitada, said during a hearing in the parliamentary commission of Economy, Innovation, and Public Works, which would “be attentive” to the fuel market and argued that, despite the increased competition in the sector due to the entry of new operators, there is “a perception” in society for the price rises too quickly (following the rise in the price of oil), but it goes down very slowly.

“We have to be vigilant,” said Margarida Matos Rosa, insisting that this is an issue that will not cease to “handle”.


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