Monday, January 9, 2017

Unemployment in the Euro Zone remains to the lowest level since July 2009 – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The unemployment rate in the Euro Zone stood at 9.8% in November, keeping the same brand that I had observed in the previous month, relevant data from Eurostat. This is the lowest rate since July 2009.

In relation to November of 2015, the unemployment shows a downward trend, since in that month the unemployment rate was 10.5%.

In the European Union as a whole, the unemployment rate reached 8.3%, a tenth below the value observed in October and seven-tenths below the mark registered in the same month of 2015.

In the euro zone, have been recorded 15,898 million unemployed, whereas in the Eu as a whole, unemployment affects 20,429 million people.

Portugal the sixth highest rate in the EU

The statistics released on Monday by Eurostat indicate that the rate of unemployment more low was registered in the Czech Republic (3.7%) and Germany (4,1%). The highest happened in Greece (23.1% in September) and Spain (19.2%).

Portugal has an unemployment rate of 10.5%, the sixth highest. Such as in the EU, unemployment is draw a downward trend, a tenth compared to the previous month, and 1.8-tenth compared to the same month of the previous year.

This trend of reduction in unemployment over the same period was reported in 24 countries. In four member states unemployment has increased (Estonia, Cyprus, Denmark and Italy). The biggest drop happened in Croatia, with a reduction of 15.7% to 11.4% in the space of a year.

unemployment has reached 4,280 million young people (persons under 25 years of age) in Europe the 28, a number that low to 3,007 million in the euro zone.

In the space of the euro the unemployment rate is 18.8% whereas in the EU it is 21.2%, lowering the face to the records of a year ago but higher in relation to the month of October.


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