Thursday, October 6, 2016

Debt settlement will also apply to the Galp – Public.en

The secretary of Fiscal Affairs, Rocha Andrade, has confirmed this Thursday in the Assembly of the Republic that the scheme of regularization approved by the Government will also apply to Galp, which has with the tax authorities a litigation of more than 100 million euros.

“If there is a taxpayer who litigates with the internal revenue service a relatively high value (…) can you say that this regime applies to the split in active execution, and the debt in execution suspended, and, therefore, any taxpayer who is litigating with the internal revenue service and have not made this payment may make the payment in terms of this regime,” said the secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Fernando Rocha Andrade, in response to a question from the CDS.

it Was the voice of mrs Cecilia Meireles that the CDS wanted to know if the tax relief will also cover the Company: “The taxpayer Company has debts that may benefit from this tax relief? It is important that you explain,” said the congresswoman, cited by the Lusa news agency.

Safeguarding that could not disclose the “data relating to a contributor”, Rocha Andrade replied, without mentioning the name of the company, that any taxpayer is covered by the new exceptional regime for settlement of debts to tax authorities and Social Security.

With the name of a Special Program of Debt Reduction to the State (PERES) should enter into force still this year and will cover individual taxpayers and businesses that have not paid the debts on their normal periods, benefiting from the exemption or reduction of interest.

The between the Flags to the State is a tax issue. This is the payment of the extraordinary contribution on energy sector (CESE) that the company has challenged in court, opting instead to deliver the bank guarantees to the tax authorities. There are payments in arrears since 2014.

according To the information advanced this Thursday by the executive, in the case of tax debts, will be covered that were not paid until 31 May 2016, while Social Security will be deemed to be the debts that were to have been paid up to 31 December 2015.

in Addition to Rocha Andrade (Fiscal Affairs), the secretary of State for Industry, John Vasconcelos, and the Internationalization, Jorge Oliveira, traveled to France at the invitation of the Company to attend the Euro 2016.

After you have cracked the controversy, the three secretaries of State came to guarantee that they would pay out of your pocket for the trips to the Flags. Up to the moment none of the three showed any proof of such payments to the oil had been made.

the Government announced The elaboration of a code of conduct to prevent future situations (which in the meantime has already been approved and published in Diário da República) and gave the case to a close. Already the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic, who opened an investigation, came to realize, at the end of August, searches for the Company related with these invitations. the South


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