Thursday, October 13, 2016

Economist accused of manipulating the Portuguese public debt is not going to trial, the Public.en

Peter Boone is not going to trial for the crime of market manipulation, the Court of Criminal investigation. The Public prosecution had accused the economist have made recommendations for investment in Portuguese public debt, through opinion articles replicated in the international press, which would have contributed to the devaluation of treasury bonds national.

The Portuguese authorities did not trust the connection from the economist to a society in which he was administrator, and where he gave financial advice to another company. Peter Boone never publicly acknowledged. The academic canadian would have benefited from the economic situation the Portuguese followed by the publication of opinion articles, accused the Public prosecution.

Now, the decision of the Court of Criminal investigation not to take Peter Boone on trial is seen as "a victory for freedom of expression," says the defense of the Harvard professor in a statement sent to newsrooms.

According to the same written note, the court decided that "the opinions of professor Peter Boone were based on public information and did not have the ability to change artificially the capital market".

The economist reacted to the news, saying "very happy with the decision" and admitting that "the last five years have been a nightmare for himself and his family. By order, declares that this is "great news" not only for himself, "but also for financial analysts, investors and markets around the world. The debate honest and free of economic issues is fundamental is fundamental to the interest of the whole community."


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