Monday, October 3, 2016

Facebook announces Marketplace, a role that allows buying and selling between users –

Facebook introduced the feature to the Marketplace that help you to manage the purchase and sale of products between users of the social network. The news, announced this Monday (3), it works free of charge and promises to cater to an audience of more than 450 million people per month, that already access typically the sales groups. Now, with a specialised interface, these actions are more practical.

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it Is possible to discover products for sale in the surrounding regions, by geolocation, add photos, description and price. The transaction value or delivery are not made by Facebook. And, for the moment, the Marketplace will be released in the next few days just for Android mobile phone and iPhone (iOS), for users with more than 18 years in the United States, the United Kingdom (UK) and New Zealand.

those Who search for specific products on the platform knows that the visual Feeds of the groups may not help very much, mainly by the amount of content.

To stop this action more simple, the Marketplace allows you to search by categories or specific products on ads and do direct deals. The messages are exchanged between the buyer and the seller, privately.

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How it works?

The tool is added in the same app Facebook, without installing anything extra. To sell, simply tap the camera icon and record photos of your product, adding the title, description, and price.

Then simply confirm your location, and post. Those interested only need to search for the product on the platform, using the GPS location.

To decide by the item in the Marketplace you need to make an offer, with the value that you are willing to pay in the negotiation or send a message to the other user, and combine the purchase information.

For convenience, there’s a history with the equipment advertised by you and the products traded in the Facebook.

According to the announcement of the social network, within few months the feature will be available for web platform, for access by the computer, and will be expanded to more countries. There is still no forecast for the launch in Brazil.

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