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Five more euros on a meal allowance for the public role – the Public.en

there will be in 2017 that the public servants to see the career progression thawed or the payment of the extraordinary work reset in its entirety. The only positive sign that the Government leaves for the next year is the increase of the meal allowance, which will translate into five more euros in your pocket at the end of the month.

After seven years of being frozen, the grant of meal increases of eur 4.27 per day to 4.52 it is euros. In percentage terms, the increase is 5.9%, much more generous than the 4% increase that had been given in 2009 to government officials. The proposal is, however, far short of the claims of the trade Union of Technical staff from State, Common Front and the Federation of trade Unions of Public Administration, which asked for increases to five to 6.5 euros per day.

This is the only measure that was already in 2014 that the Government has decided to eliminate. On the proposal of the State Budget (OE) delivered on Friday in the Assembly of the Republic, remains the freezing of allowances, career progression and performance bonuses, as well as cuts in the payment of the additional work rendered by the workers who make 35 hours a week.

on the other hand, while in the state budget for 2016, the Government kept these restrictions, but agreed to eliminate them "from 2017", is now the proposal leaves totally open the moment at which the restrictions will be deleted.

The reduction of public sector employees, an objective which the Government kept for 2016, is not referred to in OE, but the rule that allows only one input for two outputs is counted, and the executive account to save 122 million euros with it in 2017.

Not even one of the demands of the unions — who advocated for the full payment of the Christmas bonus in November or, at least, the possibility of the workers to choose between receiving the whole or in twelfths — has been met.

The solution passes by to pay half of the Christmas bonus in the month of November and the other half in twelfths. The measure applies to public employees and to pensioners of the Social Security and the Caixa Geral de Aposentações, which will not have any option.

With this change, in January, the public employees will feel a decrease in monthly income compared to the salary that you will receive from this month, already full reset of the cuts, since the twelfth of the grant will be lower.

In the private sector, the Government maintains the scheme in force since 2013, and workers can choose to receive in twelfths half of the holiday allowance and half of the Christmas bonus.

the argument of The Government not to go further on the measures in the public sector is that, while this year, only in October the employees of the State have received the salary without any cutting; in 2017 this will happen early in January. On the other hand, were reset to the 35 hours.

The minister of Finance was, however, sensitive to a question related to the mobility intercarreiras and will allow workers who currently have changed their career (because they have a bachelor’s degree, for example, passing to the career of higher technician) can see your situation consolidated.

in A change in labour law in the public functions, the Government says, so that the situation becomes definite, just the prior opinion of the minister of Finance and that there is a set of conditions: the agreement of the worker, place of work available and the agreement of an officer of the service to which he belonged.

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