Sunday, October 2, 2016

Foundations receive millions without advising the Finance – the Observer

there Were more than five dozen public bodies and local government that, in 2014, made transfers to foundations without advising the Inspection General of Finance (IGF). According to the Daily News, which cites data from the IGF, were transferred 113,3 million euros without observing the transparency obligations of the law.

in all, were 40 the foundations to the margin of the law. In addition, there were 17 entities that have transferred 22.8 million euros without the prior opinion of the secretary of State for public administration. Among the organisms that have not yet complied with the law, there are still 52 municipalities, a total of 6.4 million.

Contacted by the Cash, to the minister of the Presidency and Administrative reform, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, pointed out that this question "must be established". Stating that "the greater part of the irregular situations" should not be the case of foundations not reported", explained that the problem is in the "lack of opinion of the IGF, which is required for the subsidies to be assigned, or situations that have to do with the non-publication of the governing bodies".

There are nearly 200 foundations in Portugal, which did not respond to the census of 2012, and that remain in activity. Many of them continue to receive financial support allocated by public entities, which should not happen. On Friday, during an event organized by the Portuguese Centre of Foundations (CPF), Maria Manuel Leitão Marques admitted that the Government aims "to regularise" the situation of these foundations.

"it’s Not about compromising the credibility that, in 2012, it was intended to print to the universe of foundation, but rather to return the word to those who place themselves at the service of social interest and shown to deserve the commitment of this government to give them more of a chance," said the minister.


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