Friday, October 14, 2016

IUC and ISV increase and attention if buy new car in 2017 – TVI24

There are new accounts to do in the tax on vehicles (ISV) and the single tax movement (IUC) from January, by which is expressed in the text of the proposed State Budget for 2017 that the TVI24 had access to. Both taxes will increase.

In the case of the IUC, best known as the seal of the car, you should have attention: if you buy a new car, the diesel, from January. In this case, will tell you with additional fees:

  • if the vehicle to issue between 180 and 250 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, will pay 38,08 euros
  • if emissions are above this value, pay 65,24 €

In the case of the ISV, the cars up to one thousand of cubic capacity shall pay 98 cents per cêntimetro cubic, or 3 cents of that now. Between 1001 and 1250 cubic capacity of the ascent is also three cents, to 1.06 euros. Finally, for vehicles with more than 1250 cubic capacity, the ascent is 16 cents.

See the tables to know which is your case.

IUC – Single Tax Movement

to diesel vehicles registered in national territory, after 1 January 2017, subject to the following additional fees:

ISV – Tax on Vehicle


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