Monday, October 10, 2016

OE 2017: discounts on the IRS for those who ride public transport include taxis – Express

those Who ride metro, bus, cacilheiro, train or any other means of public transportation – including taxis, whose sector went to the street on Monday in protest against Uber, can come to enjoy tax benefits in 2017, advances the "Public". This information was conveyed by government sources. One of the goals in the case of the taxis is to encourage the application of invoices.

The idea that the Government is studying is to allow the deduction to the collection of the Tax on the Income of Individuals (IRS) of the expenditure on tickets (or racing taxis) or passes for bus, train or tube.

This measure is part of a broader set of incentives linked to green taxation, which are included in the proposed State Budget for 2017. If the deadlines set are met, the Government should deliver the budget in Parliament on Friday.

at This time, according to the "Public", the model of implementation of this measure is not yet closed: it is not known what the amounts to be deducted and that public transport will be eligible for the tax benefit can be used.

As the fiscal space of the Government is short, the definition of this measure will be still constrained by the expenditure tax that will generate.


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