Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pedro Nuno Santos indicates that the Government does not want to “load” higher incomes – Expressed

The secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Pedro Nuno Santos, ensures that the Government does not intend to overburden the level of taxation on higher incomes, in the context of the review of the rates and ranks of the IRS (income tax-individuals).

The ruler ensures that the Executive of the Socialist Party (PS) maintains the desire "to relieve the taxation on labour income". "This ambition we have it. Now, it is a very difficult exercise to do. With fiscal neutrality is impossible, because there is no intent to load more on top, because it is not objectively possible," said Pedro Nuno Santos in the interview, that the Antenna 1 will broadcast in full this Sunday.

Pedro Nuno Santos note that this relief of taxation on the IRS "is a goal that is the result of joint positions", undertaken in the agreements between the PS, the Left Bloc and PCP. But, stresses the secretary of State, "does not have any commitment about the year in which this update has to be made". Which leaves open the possibility of the revision of the ranks of the IRS does not enter the Budget of the State for 2017.

According to the "Journal of Business", the ruler ensures that the proposed Budget of the State for 2017 will bring a lowering of the tax burden, and admits that in addition to the reduction of the surcharge from the IRS there may be more changes.


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