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The demonstration of taxi drivers: PSP advises calling 112 in case of emergency” – the Public.en

The taxi drivers that will manifest in the next second Thursday in Lisbon against the electronic platforms that are linked to the transport of passengers, such as Uber, are against the movement restrictions that have been imposed by the PSP to this day.

"The police want to weaken the impact of the protest. In the case of the taxis that come from the South of the country, wants to break them to bits, imposing to traverse the bridge in groups of 30 or 40. In the case of cars that come from the North, or hide them in the tail of the demonstration, preventing them from entering in Lisbon through the Second Circular. If someone fly off the handle there will still be some complications", previews the president of the Portuguese Federation of Taxi, Carlos Ramos. The PSP responds that only wants to prevent the loss of road traffic in the city are even higher.

And may it be, admits of another leader of the same federation, Rudolfo Melo: “it May happen that when you are forced by the police to the exit of the A1 the taxi drivers coming from the North out of the car to close the gates, blocking the road. But it will not be by appointment of the federation, ensure that: “No one shall be liable for the acts of others. Each one will be responsible for themselves. If we wanted to stop the city makes it-we were going but we are appealing to their colleagues to be calm.”

The idea of the protesters is to concentrate all in the Park of the Nations, early in the morning, following at a slow pace outside town, at 8.30, until the Assembly of the Republic. Carlos Ramos explains that acceded to the request of the PSP to not bring the cars up to the Parliament. "Leave them parked on the Av. 24 July – that will not be enough, because we are waiting for half of the national fleet, or is, about six thousand cars – and we will walk to the Assembly." When desmobilizarão, it ignores: "If no one give us satisfactory answers sleep in São Bento", you represent the leader of the sector, that still have hope that the police reduce their demands in regards to motorists coming from the south of the country.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Carriers in Light Vehicles (ANTRAL) has distanced itself from any ‘situations of threats and violence” in the demonstration. “The ANTRAL rejects all kinds of violence and calls for the demonstration is peaceful, orderly, [and] that serves to show our points of view against the illegality”, he said, in a statement, the president of the association, Florêncio de Almeida.

In the protest will mark also the presence of two delegations in spain, taxi drivers, coming from Madrid and Barcelona, representatives of the Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and trade unions in the road transport sector.

“In case of emergency, call 112″

dozens of police officers, including men of the Corps of Intervention, will be mobilised to monitor the protest and to avoid disorder in public. As usual, the police did not reveal how many agents will put in the ground, but added that Lisbon will be enhanced with operating coming from Porto, Setúbal and Faro. Some are motorized, others with dogs, still others by foot. In addition to the Body of the Intervention, will be on the field, at points considered to be strategic, team-rapid intervention and immediate response.

As the infra-structure sensitive which is at the level of internal security, the bridge over the Tagus river will deserve a special attention. The PSP will attempt the movement in the crossing cannot be blocked to the passage of the taxi drivers. Already the intention of the protesters sleep next to the Assembly of the Republic seems not to worry the police. “We do not have any intention of stopping it,” said a spokesman for the metropolitan command Lisbon of the corporation.

citizens are advised to preferably use the public transport in the trips that they do on that day. “There will be police to proceed with the diversion of the traffic to inform drivers of alternative” routes is usual, refers to the metropolitan command in a statement. “If you consider necessary the intervention of law enforcement authorities, do not hesitate to ask for the cooperation of any agent of the authority via telephone 217 654 242, or in case of emergency, call 112,” advises the PSP.

ANA alert for constraints

Also on Friday, ANA – Airports of Portugal warned about the conditioning of traffic planned for Monday in Lisbon, due to the slow pace of the protest of the taxi drivers, and recommended the use of the metro to the Airport Humberto Delgado.

"it Is predictable that, by the number of participants that the action will involve and its route, the circulation in the bordering areas of the airport will be significantly affected during the day," said the manager airport.

For this, he adds, "the direction of the Airport of Lisbon suggests to all who wish to move to and from the airport that they do so preferably by using the metro".

it Is recommended that passengers with flights marked can plan their trips taking into account the constraints of the Lusa


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