Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The government says that the changes in the allowance Christmas may not arrive in January – the Public.en

the Union of The Quadros Técnicos do Estado (STE) came out of the meeting this Wednesday with the Government without any assurances that the public employees will recover the purchasing power in the next year or that there will be changes in the way in which it is to be paid the Christmas bonus. Still, the secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Rocha de Andrade, have warned that any changes to this grant, which currently is paid in twelfths, may not be operating early in January.

"The secretary of State for Tax Affairs, Fernando Rocha Andrade] said that there might not be time for that [a potential move] will be operational in January, because it will be complicated to make the change of computer systems", explained to the PUBLIC Helena Rodrigues, president of the STE.

The responsible of the union structure (which represents more than four independent unions) reminds us that in the notebook learnt through inevitable clashes between sent to the Government on the issue of twelfths nor is it raised by the STE. But asked about what is their position in relation to the subject, warning that public officials should be able to choose if they want to receive the subsidy over 12 months or for the whole. And justifies that "payments have been suffering a massive erosion since 2009," something that will become more visible if you remove the twelfth.

For the STE, the “technical difficulties” presented by the Government are “a false issue”, a time that can be circumvented and will insist on the subject at the next meeting negotiations, which will take place next week.

The payment of the allowance in twelfths was decided in 2013 by the Government PSD/CDS and was designed to mitigate the monthly income of workers in the enormous increase of taxes. In public function, the measure applies to the allowance of Christmas, that was to be paid over 12 months, along with the salary. In the private sector, workers can choose to receive half of the holiday allowance and Christmas on the straight-line or receive them in full before the holidays and at the end of November.

Helena Rodrigues came out of the meeting with the State secretaries of Administration and Fiscal Affairs without warranties as to the proposed political sent to the Government. “Our proposal to update nominal of 2% is perfectly reasonable,” said Helena Rodrigues, adding that, taking into account the estimated inflation for the next year, the value of the “update will be below the 1%” and the public employees will continue to lose purchasing power".


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